Established in 1983, with the present winery building finished in 1988, Chamard Vineyards is among the most beautiful and traditional of New England wineries.

Chamard Gate

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The 40-acre property boasts 20 acres of established vines that benefit from being only two miles north of, and influenced by the moderating temperatures of, Long Island Sound.

The vines are carefully tended by hand in the European tradition, yielding superior Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir fruit.

Combining his love of nature, his interest in genetics, and his passion to predict, Dr. Rothberg purchased the leading vineyard in Connecticut to push the frontiers of winemaking. Originally Incorporated in 1983 by the Chairman and CEO of Tiffany and CO., Dr. Rothberg found in Chamard vineyards a foundation of grace and elegance that would form the basis for even finer wines.

Most recently Dr.Rothberg has launched a research project called the Methuselah Project, which is sponsored by the Rothberg Institute (TRI), a non-profit research organization in Guilford, Ct. It is known that drinking wine in moderation extends a healthy life. this project seeks to find the genes people carry that do the same. Dr. Rothberg was the first person to map an individual persons genome and now wants to map 300 centenarians.